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Crack Cocaine Overdose Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

People with insurance can check with their insurance company to see what the cost is, while individuals without insurance can check with their local pharmacies. If you believe someone has overdosed on cocaine, call 911 immediately. Quick action and professional medical care can save someone’s life. How to Prevent Cocaine Overdose Snorting cocaine can damage […]

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Baclofen: Side Effects, Dosage, Uses & More

It is used to reduce anxiety as that is one of the main reasons patients resist alcohol addiction. Also, the dose needed when treating alcohol addiction is significantly low compared to other drugs such as diazepam or other benzodiazepines. Other medications used for anxiety treatment may require increasing amounts to continue building tolerance and might […]

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This is your brain on alcohol

Thus, any apparent dopamine uptake differences in the male macaque groups presented here are a function of faster clearance times due to decreased dopamine release and not faster dopamine clearance rates per se. Interestingly, across multiple studies, chronic alcohol use resulted in enhanced dopamine uptake rates, though this effect has been found to vary between […]

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